Xonikz Independent Industries

What is Xonikz

Seperate media industries working together toward a common goal.

The brain child of Jon Decker, Xonikz Independent Industries is a mass media house expanding into a variety of media and art endeavors since 1999.

As the new year commences the independent industries headed by Jon Decker will be progressing through a variety of projects toward their designated goals with the intention of overall expansion and profitability.

When the projects are completed they will be displayed on their respective industry pages or outlets for their market or audience. Xonikz is the hub of client relations for many of the independent industries production related projects and marketing outreach.

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Xonikz II Plan


Jon Decker Photography
Expanding the business with new clients and events while still capturing the possible through staged art photographs.


Grasping @ Creativity
A return to the monthly artist interviews, tips, and project reports with a condensing of any extraneous content will lead to a much better user experience.


XIIKA Productions
New Rigs for DSLR filming are needed and many concepts are in need of storyboarding.


Audio & Composition
A new industry may be defined and named this season for the express purpose of creating audio content.

Our History


After completing a documentary on the adoption process in middle America and seeing the important role that good organization takes in the production process, Jon Decker started work creating an infrastructure capable of handling a variety of types of projects at one time. The goal was to create a one stop shop that could handle projects in a variety of medias while still providing a uniform customer experience. He called it "Xonikz."

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While working in the field of graphic design and printing Jon branched out from Xonikz forming the first independent industry utilizing the Xonikz infrastructure, and XIIKA Productions was spawned. XIIKA Productions specifically focused on film productions and film related rig creations.

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After returning from a feature film production on the East Coast, Jon discovered a new fascination in still photography as a form of communicating ideas. Though a humble beginning this burgeoning interest eventually spawned the second flagship industry: Jon Decker Photography.

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As the web changed faces and social networking became the prevelant form of networked communications Jon saw the focus of creativity pushing people toward isolation under the guise of remote social interaction. With this new found hurdle of the apparent lack of creativity within isolated minds, Grasping @ Creativity was spawned to help inspire others through the excogitations of Jon Decker.

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