Xonikz Independent Industries

Why Industries

Independent industries united with common goals.
Though each project that Xonikz completes may have been designated to an individual division for accountability, each industry will work on the seperate elements of the project for more dynamic completion.



Creating specialist industries for greater efficiency.

We've all heared the phrase "jack of all trades, master of none" and it's true. Xonikz Independent Industries is formulated with the need for specialists in mind by seperating aspects of all in-house projects and designating lead industry roles for collaborative completion.


Taking responsibility for sectional completion.

When each industry is assigned its section of the larger in-house project the responsibility for completion of that goal is also designated to that industry's lead managment.


Maintaining the project without micromanagement.

As each industry works independently on the project, reports are completed at regular intervals for Xonikz management. Should any problem arise that can not be amended within the independent industry, then the management team is notified and relied on for a resolution.


Progressing through projects with enthusiasm.

An overall progress report is posted at the major stages of completion to emphasise the project goals and show a timeline of the project, fostering the desire to see the completed project and take pride in the work.

Successful Economic Solutions

“Completing an epic project is awesome and I wouldn't be able to do it without the Independent Industries. Seeing the project come together is like watching a small planet being born.” Jon Decker Founder

“Every project deserves the attention of a specialist in every aspect and at every junction. Together we are a jack of all, master of all and we can only get better.” XonikzIndependent Industries